Eyelash Boxes-Tips to Make Them Shine from Perfect Packaging

The custom eyelash boxes are meant to showcase your eyelashes in the most presentable way.  Today, a woman’s makeup kit seems to be incomplete without artificial eyelashes Whether they have to show up for a formal get-together, a party, or a wedding.

Eyelashes of varying lengths and different colors are being used by women to enhance their beauty. It is because of this increased demand for eyelashes that makeup companies are coming up with new shades and variations in eyelashes. They are keen to present their product in the most attractive manner so that they can attract the most number of customers and stay afloat in the competitive makeup industry. One way of doing that is through eye-catching eyelash packaging boxes

Custom retail packaging has become one of the most important advertising tools in today’s market. It is important for providing the customers with a comprehensive retail experience. An exciting box opening experience is what most companies are targeting today. Here are a few tips on how your eyelash boxes can serve this purpose to their best;

Try the Window Boxes for Your Eyelashes

Window boxes are among the most commonly used boxes in the makeup and fashion industry. There are a number of reasons behind their popularity. Above all, they make your product more visible. And they do so without any need for the customer to touch or feel the product. They can actually see the shade and length and the texture of your eyelashes from the box without a need to unpack them. Since the eyelashes packed in the window boxes are more visible, they have a greater chance to be purchased by the customer. Hence the window boxes are a means of enhancing sales through impulsive buying. 

Moreover, the window boxes protect your eyelashes from pollutants like dust and also from excessive touch, and they do so without compromising the visibility of your product. A reduced touch by the customer means an increased shelf life for the product.

Provide Instructions and Important Information on the Box

 Besides protecting the product and making it more attractive for the customer, another important function of the retail packaging is to inform the customer. Your bag should contain all the important information. Most importantly, it should include detailed step-by-step instructions about how to apply the eyelashes.

Moreover, the customers specifically in the makeup industry are very keen to know whether the product is manufactured by avoiding animal cruelty. Moreover, they want to have detailed information on what are the manufacturing components of the product and if it follows the standards of hygiene. All this necessary information should be mentioned on the eyelash boxes. However, this should be done in a way that the visual balance of the box is not disturbed and the box does not look overwhelmed with the printed text. In short, you must make use of the available space for printing in a professional way.

Choose the Eco-Friendly Options

When it comes to selecting the manufacturing material for your eyelash boxes, you need to be very thoughtful in selecting the stock. It is important that you make a responsible decision And do not choose the options which are hazardous for the environment. Selecting an eco-friendly stock is important not only for showing your commitment towards a better planet but also for earning a reputation of a considered business. This, in the long run, helps in enhancing your sales. Hence, it is important to depend only on that stock, which is easily biodegradable, or which can be recycled and reused. Some of the common options at your disposal in this regard include cardboard, card stock, recycled boxboard, and kraft material. All these manufacturing materials for the packaging boxes are totally nonhazardous, BPA-free, and easily biodegradable. Besides, you can even go for recycled material to manufacture your packaging boxes.

Best Custom Packaging for Eyelash

There are various sorts of Custom boxes that are accessible for Eyelash Packaging. Like Sleeve Custom Boxes with a window, two-piece Rigid boxes, and converse fold end boxes with a window. A window in the crate implies a direct eye-to-eye connection of the client on the item. Thus, makers should pick the style of a case which can give the best portrayal of the nature of their item.


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