Why Laser Engraving is Popular for Jewellery Making?

The method of jewellery making has come a long way. Today, customers demand personalization in their jewellery because of which the use of advanced technology is popular.

We are talking about the high-end jewellery laser marking machine that utilizes the laser engraving method. Where the traditional engraving method used manual labour and handheld tools, things have been revolutionized for good with the use of laser marking machines.

In every aspect, laser engraving is better than the traditional engraving method for jewellery making. Let’s take a look at the many conveniences and obvious perks offered by laser marking machines or laser engraving methods.

Keep reading till the end to learn why laser engraving is popular for jewellery making.

Brief History of Jewellery Engraving

The process of engraving jewellery items is not something new and traces back to prehistoric times. However, back then the concept of engraving was merely some carvings done on decorative stones.

It was in the 15th century that engraving on any metal was introduced. Copper metal was used for engraving and since then it became a popular custom of etching something memorable or identifying marks or messages on metal items.

This can be regarded as the beginning of what we know as the traditional engraving method which was extensively done on metals like silver, gold and platinum. The traditional engraving method was only possible on soft metals.

However, with the introduction of laser engraving or laser marking machines enabled engraving on harder metal surfaces as well. The possibility to engrave a variety of jewellery metals increased with laser engraving.

Laser Engraved Jewellery

Laser marking or laser engraving can be used to inscribe personalized details on the jewellery items and it can be any metal jewellery. Modern-day jewellery designers use all sorts of metals such as steel, tungsten, titanium to create fine pieces of jewellery.

The scope of adding intricate and unique designs to these hard metal jewellery pieces becomes convenient. Jewellery can be made according to the customer’s specific requirements and each design of the jewellery stands unique from the rest.

The Perks of Laser Marking or Engraving

Ever since the jewellery laser marking machine was introduced, designers have had so much flexibility and convenience to create varied kinds of jewellery. Some of the obvious perks that can only be achieved with laser marking are –

·   Premium Quality

While traditional jewellery has value, no one can deny the fact that modern engraved jewellery pieces have better quality. The designs created and the engravings made on the jewellery items are crisp, fresh and long-lasting.

·   Speed

The traditional jewellery engraving took several days to create a single piece. The rate of production was slowed due to manual labour and in fact, many designs were not even possible to engrave. But things changed for good with laser marking machines. Now, the jewellery makers can manufacture more jewellery pieces in less amount of time. Since the engraving machine enables increased speed in jewellery production.

·   Precision

Laser marking machines provide micron-level accuracy which can be easily repeated. Therefore, this ensures that any jewellery item that is made with laser engraving has precision. The level of precision is impossible to achieve in traditional engraving methods.

·   Cost-effective

The laser engraving method needs no consumables and it also doesn’t require any other parts such as styluses. They save a lot of bucks for the long term. Also, the rate at which laser marking machines can produce jewellery, the number of orders that can be completed easily allows one to earn more profits.

How Long Does Laser Marking Jewellery Lasts?

The permanence of an engraved or marked message on a jewellery item depends on many factors. The major factor that influences the engraving is the metal used for the making of jewellery.

Soft metals have a tendency to be easily scratched and are prone to wear and tear as well. The contact of skin can also blur the engraving over the years. However, engraving made on harder metals tends to last longer.


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