Why Do Electronic Products Need Custom Box Printing?

Are you among those brands that haven’t fully utilized box printing? Are you unsure how to get started? Don’t worry, we are here to show you how custom printing can be employed in the best capacity to market your brand.

The age of excessive digital marketing and increased e-commerce has presented a massive problem and opportunity for merchants around the globe. The first, and perhaps most important, thing to note is that with more customer knowledge and options, electronics packaging is now more significant than ever.

Customers base their purchase choices depending on how much they appreciate the packaging. Numerous businesses use printed boxes to advertise, protect, and highlight their valuable electronic items. Most marketers agree on the packaging boxes as being the ultimate game-changer in the retail industry.

What is custom printing and how does it help?

It is now rare to find brown and plain boxes without any branding placed on them. But a few decades ago, this was the norm. Enhanced retail platforms and customers’ purchasing powers pushed for greater competition between brands. The electronics industry rapidly experiences changing customers’ tastes and expectations due to constant innovation in products. It makes it all the more essential to adopt the changes and reflect them via the boxes.

Custom printing involves using the boxes to extend branding to new and more customers. It comprises placing the brand identity such as the name, logo, and colors combined with essential product details. The better the printing is; the more customers are drawn to take a closer look at it.

Printing techniques have also evolved and gotten more professional over the years. The methods have come a long way from just printing the boxes with plain fonts and primary colors to now creating complex and 3D effects on the boxes.

Electronic sellers typically use customized printing for 3 main reasons:

  1. Creating curiosity around the brand image.
  2. Extending core brand values to customers.
  3. Giving a sneak peek as to what to expect from the brand and electronic products.

Creating the ultimate custom printing

Statistics have surprising indications of how customized boxes influence customers. Take a look:

  • 51% of premium shoppers and 25% of all other consumers say custom packaging can make a product feelmore valuable
  • 37% of premium shoppers and 22% of all other consumers have shared images of custom packaging on their social media accounts.
  • 44% of premium shoppers and 29% of all other consumers will make future purchases from brands that use beautiful custom packaging.

Even when these figures clearly reveal the customers’ inclination towards creative electronics packaging, as few as 11% of customers are completely satisfied with the boxes they receive.

Once you are convinced of the potential that custom box printing holds for your brand’s future, it is time to create it in the best capacity. Read on to learn everything about successful printing that pushes up profits and sales.

Learn how to effectively print your electronic boxes in 5 easy steps.

  1. Figure out what box shape would suit your brand the best

Graphics, fonts, and brand logo placement depend on the box shape you pick. This also influences the shades you wish to depict. For instance, more horizontal boxes need to have brighter and crispier pixel printing than narrow and vertical boxes.

The brand logo must be printed on the most evident box spot. This is the point that customers see first and your brand image must catch their attention before anything else. This helps to imprint the distinct brand image on their minds and allows them to spot your brand at all retail points.

You can pick brand-specific font colors for printing the brand logo and highlight it with foil stamping, embossing, and more custom features. Next, the brand name should follow suit. And then the product description can take the extra box space.

box printing
  • Tip-off handling conditions

Primarily, the supply chain determines the fate of electronic deliveries. But seldom do brands have proper control over it to prevent potential product damages.

Even if you are not shipping to customers’ locations via e-commerce, you still may have to ship products to retailers. It is crucial that you use the boxes to ensure safer deliveries.

There are certain things that can be done. Such as:

  • Printing instructions on how to handle the boxes and which side to keep up.
  • Illustrating safety guidelines through graphics.
  • Stating the right temperature and storage conditions.

Electronic items need extra care. Damaged, torn, or broken products pile on replacements and deter future sales growth.

  • Convey favorable brand values

Do you incorporate eco-friendly materials? Does your brand give back to the community? Putting these on the custom printed shipping boxes can garner enhanced customer loyalty.

We often see brands stating their responsible attitude. This may be using sustainable materials, using cleaner production methods, etc. It is to impress customers and spark more repeat purchases. Buyers prefer brands that exude positive components. A good way is to print all these on the boxes. This saves costs and ensures that a large number of potential buyers become aware of your brand values.

  • Offer effective customer services

The boxes can prompt positive feedback. Customers look for ways they can communicate with brands. Stating the business contact info and website ID encourages buyers to learn more about the company.

Brands can assist customers if they have a question or suggestions by offering them solutions via social media handles. They can get in touch in terms of any complaints. Often the courier boxes can be reused for sending back damaged electronics. You can too print the company address in case the customers want a replacement. Better customer communication forms the basis of prolonged customer loyalty.

Effective box printing can eradicate typing errors and get the desired messages across conveniently.


You don’t have to ponder over how to use custom printing. Reading this article ensures that you understand the nuances of using print-enhancing tools and apply them to foster improved brand recognition.


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